You Won’t Believe How Much Piko Taro Earns from PPAP!

Since the release of the infectious ‘PPAP’ song, Kosaka Daimaou or more popularly known as Piko Taro, has earned many things from this insane Internet sensation: almost 100 million views on YouTube, a Guinness World Record for the ‘world’s shortest song to enter Billboard Hot 100‘ and admiration of millions of viewers like us.

You Won’t Believe How Much Piko Taro Earns from PPAP!


If you haven’t watched the video yet, you’re missing a gem! Check it out now!

Well logically, one would imagine and assume that he has earned quite a good sum of money from his song right?

The answer is no. Yet.


What happened?

On a Japanese show called Fuji TV’s Nonstop! Talk Show, Piko was asked about his thought on his recent popularity all around the world. He said he was really ‘surprised’. He added:

It has really turned into something incredible.”

Piko Taro Meme


Then, Piko Taro is interviewed and asked the amount of money that he has earned from the song. Surprisingly, Piko Taro answered:

I have not received a single Yen (¥) from PPAP.”

Well, I got to admit. That’s a pretty unexpected answer. After all, his song – ‘PPAP’ has successfully got into the top of Billboard Japan Hot 100 list and the song is also a paid download on iTunes. Furthermore, you will probably see an advertisement in his video on YouTube (which again, it has gotten almost 100 million views).


Piko Taro’s response

Some netizens have expressed their scepticism about the artist’s claim. However, in his characteristically optimistic and cheerful way, he commented that it is perfectly logical about his lack of financial gain at the moment. He said:

Remember, ‘Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen’ only became famous recently.”


Here is a long version of PPAP. It is freaking hilarious too! Check it out!


Bonus: How about ‘Gangnam Style’ by Psy?

As of writing, Gangnam Style has accumulated over 2.6 billion views. Few years ago, it was reported that the video has generated around $8 million in revenue with 1.23 billion views. Well, the creator of YouTube will keep 50% of the revenue. It means that Psy and his company will keep the other $4 million. There is no official report on how much he has earned from the video as of now. Now that the views are doubled, one would assume the revenue would double as well. Good for you, PSY!

However, when ‘Gangnam Style’ first went viral, Psy had also commented that he hasn’t received any money from his video. Perhaps, the same thing happens to Piko Taro. Perhaps it takes time to process everything.



Well hopefully, this amazing artist who has brought us joy will eventually get his share at the end of the day. After all, he has played a part in spreading positivity in the world and somewhat uniting people all around the word. He truly deserves it.


Watch Ryuk’s cover of ‘PPAP’. Yeap you heard that right. It’s Ryuk from ‘Death Note’! The Internet is a wonderful place, isn’t it?


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