TWICE members’ Introduction and Why You’d Love Them

Jaw-dropping and colourful visual, powerful vocals and dance moves, coupled with a killer debut music video – ‘like ohh-ahh’, TWICE has successfully become one of the top rookie girl groups that we all love. This article features TWICE members’ introduction and why you’d love them. Enjoy!

Twice all members

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TWICE Introduction

TWICE is a girl group consisting of 9 members and it was formed through a reality show in Korea called ‘SIXTEEN’. What’s unique about the team is the members have different nationalities. 5 members are from South Korea, 3 of them are from Japan and one of them is from Taiwan, isn’t that awesome?

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TWICE’s first single called ‘like ohh-ahh’ went viral over the internet and it took over various charts in Korea. Understandably, it has brought the group massive popularity.

Unlike some other girl groups, each member in TWICE has their own distinctive appeal and it makes it almost impossible to determine a bias (in K-pop, bias refers to your favourite member of the group).


1) Jihyo

Nationality: Korean

Age: 19 (2016)

Birthday: 1st February 1997

Position: Leader & Main Vocalist


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As a trainee, Jihyo was trained for 10 years in the company. 10 years! That’s impressive and scary at the same time. She trained with 2pm, Wonder Girls, Got7 and basically everyone in the company knows her.

Unsurprisingly, she was elected as the leader by the members. Before her debut, she was often criticized for being ‘overweight’. However, she is able to break the mould of traditional skinny beauty physiques. Now, she owns the stage with both her curvaceous body and impressive vocal.


2) Nayeon

Nationality: Korean

Age: 21 (2016)

Birthday: 22nd September 1995

Position: Lead Vocalist & face of the group

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Nayeon is often called for her resemblance with the infamous water-type Pokémon, Squirtle. Look at the photo above, isn’t she cute?

Her unique and memorable smile makes her the face of the group in TWICE (in K-pop, face of the group refers to the best looking member and he/she is often the centre image during performances).

She is also the first member to be confirmed in TWICE.


3) Jungyeon

Nationality: Korean

Age: 20 (2016)

Birthday: 1st November 1996

Position: Lead Vocalist & Rapper

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During Jungyeon’s debut, her ash-grey, chic short hair gives her a memorable look that captures the hearts of many fans. Similar to Amber from f(x), she does not fit the status quo of Korean beauty standard. But, that’s also the reason why we all love her.

The members often describe her as the peacekeeper of the group.

Fun fact: Her older sister is a Korean actress called Gong Seung Yeon.


4) Momo

Nationality: Japanese

Age: 20 (2016)

Birthday: 9th November 1996

Position: Main Dancer & Vocalist & Rapper


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Undoubtedly, Momo is the dancing queen in the group. If you’ve watched their debut music video – ‘like ohh-ahh’, you will definitely notice her savage dancing moves in the bus encircled by the ferocious zombies.

Momo is known to be a food lover. Her favourite is Jokbal (it is a Korean dish made of pig’s trotter with spices).

Fun fact: In Japanese, Momo means peach!


5) Sana

Nationality: Japanese

Age: 20 (2016)

Birthday: 29th December 1996

Position: Vocalist & Lead Dancer


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Sana is known for her hilarious stretching fail scene in ‘like ohh-ahh’ music video.

Sana is another Japanese member and her hometown is in Osaka. She became interested in Korea’s entertainment, specifically K-pop because of her two favourite girls groups – SNSD and Kara. She then got spotted for JYP auditions. Well obviously, she got accepted and become an indispensable member of TWICE.

She is also multilingual. She can speak three languages – Korean, Japanese and English.


6) Mina

Nationality: Japanese

Age: 19 (2016)

Birthday: 24th March 1997

Position: Lead Dancer & Vocalist


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Mina may give the impression of fierce and cool onstage, she is actually super goofy and dorky offstage. She learned ballet for 11 years. Impressive! She showed her ballet skill in the ‘like ohh-ahh’ MV.

Fun fact: She was born in Texas, United States.


7) Dahyun

Nationality: Korean

Age: 18 (2016)

Birthday: 28th May 1998

Position: Lead Rapper & Vocalist

TWICE Dahyun

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Dahyun went viral before her debut. You may have seen a video where a girl is doing a hilarious and energetic dance in a church. Well, guess who is it? The dance in the viral video is known as ‘Eagle Dance’.

Dahyun was spotted in a youth dance festival where she took part and performed her solo dance. She was still at her middle school at that time.

Fun fact: She is afraid of cats. How cute!


8) Chaeyoung

Nationality: Korean

Age: 17 (2016)

Birthday: 23rd April 1999

Position: Main Rapper & Vocalist

TWICE Chaeyoung

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Well, Chaeyoung is the shortest member of TWICE. Her ’official’ height is 164 cm but we all know what that means. She is also one of the main rappers of the group. She is inspired by Hip Hop artists all around the world and her favourite artists are D’Angelo and Justin Bieber.

Chaeyoung is also a talented sketch artist. As a matter of fact, she drew the official TWICE logo. How cool is that?


9) Tzuyu

Nationality: Taiwanese

Age: 17 (2016)

Birthday: 14th June 1999


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Position: Vocalist & Face of the Group & Maknae (the youngest member of the group)

Tzuyu is the beautiful maknae from Taiwan and she is also the main visual of the group. Since her debut, she received a lot of attention from the media and audiences due to her beauty at such a young age.

Many news sources have compared Tzuyu with other Korean goddess-like figures like Seolhyun from AOA, Suzy from Miss A and Taeyeon from SNSD.

Fun fact: She has a nickname called ‘chocolate’ due to her dark skin.


Latest Music Video ‘TT’

Enjoy the video!

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