Stop Being Mediocre: Enrich your College / University Life

To some, stepping into college means party time – no more 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. classes, no more not-so-glamorous school uniforms and no more tuition classes after school! I’ve got my driving license; I’m a young adult, so I can go anywhere I want and party all day long!

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On the other hand, the first things that pop up in others’ mind about colleges and universities are… ASSIGNMENTS. PRESENTATIONS. TESTS. However, it is safe to say that it is probably a journey of cluelessness for most of the students.

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However, entering college / university is just the first step on your launching pad to an emerging adulthood. Are you sure you want to get it going by just partying? Just like what everyone is saying (which we agree), academic performance is not everything – but you definitely don’t want to tell your future employer that what you did in university days was just… hopping around. Neither are you going to tell them that you have got a 4.0 CGPA, and that’s all. There are so many people going through college and university with no achievements, getting a mediocre job, receiving an average pay and working till your 60s without any passion… Let’s stop this disastrous phenomenon.  This article will guide you to stop being mediocre: enrich your college / university life!


  1. Part-time job (cliché but true)!

As mentioned, university is no more a 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. routine like the secondary school days. Depending on your course, there are usually a lot of breaks in between. Instead of just spending time completing assignment and preparing for test, earn some income by doing part-time jobs! You can either opt for a walk-in interview, explore some opportunities over Facebook pages (just type in “Part time” or “Freelance” and browse through it), or surf through job hunting websites like You can easily look for job that suits you on the website.

Apart from earning money, you will learn useful practical skills. You will also definitely get to learn some transferable skills, which are skills that you can apply in other situations.


  1. Travel

Now you have some income earned through your hard work, reward yourself with a relaxing getaway! By disconnecting to your regular life, travelling is the best way to gain new ideas and insights; sometimes it can even change the way you used to look at the world. Travelling also widens one’s perspective by increasing knowledge, such as exposure to different cultures, food, architectures and etc. Not to mention that you will be able to connect with more people from different places of the world. As a quote pronounces:

The world is a book, those who do not travel read only one page.”

Most importantly, travelling creates wonderful memories and moments that you will probably only experience once in a lifetime.


  1. Read some books

What do you do with your RM250 book vouchers given by the government every year? Misplaced it? Sold it? *selling the vouchers is illegal, by the way* Serve the purpose right, spend it on books! There are wide varieties of book genres in the bookshops for some self-cultivation; For those who are not as proficient in English, sweeten up your vocabularies by reading more English books!


  1. Improve your current talents

Good in playing piano? Excel in dancing? Let’s continue working on these talents and not get them wasted! One important advice we offer, is to always seize opportunities. You can always say “next time” and the opportunity is still there- but someone else will take the ones that you miss. Time to shine bright and let the world see what you can do!


  1. Discover new hobbies

One is never too old to learn. Spice up your life by picking up some new skills. You will never know when it will come in handy. Click here to check out some cool classes in KL that you might want to consider. If attending classes is too costly, you can also learn while working. For instance, be a barista, promoter or tuition teacher. If you don’t have the money or time to attend classes – no excuses, Internet is your best teacher.


  1. Volunteering

Always spare some time to contribute to the society, make the world a better place. We are very fortunate to have food to eat every meal, to have a roof over our head and to be able to afford higher education. There are many people who don’t have these and they need our help. Remember this:

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

If you are an animal lover, you might want to check out Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue. The organisation is always in need of food donation and volunteers to help the dogs there.


  1. Spend more time with people you cherish

Soon, you might further your studies in overseas and realise how good is it to have familiar people close to you. Soon, you will step into the society and realise who are the ones that you can really trust. Soon, as you grow up, others grow old and might leave your life. Look around and be grateful for the people who treat you well – your family, significant other and friends. Build memories with them so that you won’t regret when you lost them just because you spend too much time on non-living objects that can’t give you as much happiness. Now take a moment and think: who are the ones that you treasure in life?


Balance is important

Of course, in order to accomplish these for a more meaningful university life, time management is the key. The gift of education should not be taken for granted too – your parents didn’t painstakingly pay your university fees for you to do other things that they are not paying for. Thus, juggle your studies well, apply what you have learned and empower yourself. You can also be a young planet shaker!