Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte: Crazy or Genius?

While everyone is discussing about US president-elect Donald Trump, there is another controversial leader in the world – Rodrigo Duterte. For those who do not know him, he is the president in Philippine and he has made the headlines for all the good and wrong reasons. Duterte was elected as the president of Philippine in May 2016 and his views are often considered extreme by people in the West.


Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte: Crazy or Genius?

This article features some of the craziest things that he has said and it’s up to you readers to determine – Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte: Crazy or genius? 



Undeniably, drug dealing has been a serious issue in Philippine. Duterte claimed that there are around 3 million drug dealers in Philippine. Before he was elected as president, Rodrigo Duterte made a promise to his people that he will be killing a hundred thousands of criminals. He said: ‘forget about the human rights law.’ As a matter of fact, he specifically said to his people:

‘The drug lords are enjoying your money. You know who they are. If you want to kill them, go ahead. Killing the drug lords are allowed as you are the real victim.’

According to Time, more than 2400 lives have been killed as of September 2016 since the campaign was launched. Also, around 700,000 people have chosen to surrender to the authorities ever since the inauguration.

During a presidential debate, Duterte stated that he would murder his own offspring if they are found to be using drugs.

Also, in September, Duterte said that he wants to kill all the drug dealers just like how Hitler slaughtered the Jews.

He insisted that his hard line approach and zero tolerance on drug are working and crime rate has been reduced.



Duterte called Obama ‘son of a wh*re’.

Obama confused meme

Well, Barack Obama is known to be a critic of the drug war that Duterte is executing. Apparently, Duterte does not like to be lectured on the topic of human rights. He said:

‘You have to be respectful. Don’t just throw away various statements and questions. You son of a wh*re.’

Duterte said that in a news conference before attending ASEAN summit in Laos. Unsurprisingly, the meeting was cancelled.

President Rodrigo Duterte also vowed to enhance ties with Russia and China, while he will ‘separate’ from the United States.

After Donald Trump was elected as the POTUS, Duterte seems to be burying the hatchet with the States by congratulating Donald Trump. He commented:

‘Both of us like to swear. We curse right away for one little thing. We are the same.’



Well obviously, Duterte do not seem to care what others think of him. He commented:

‘There are many people with dogs’ mental capacities who lap at the a*s of Americans.’


‘I do not give a sh*t about anyone observing my behaviours.’



Duterte tends to express his sexuality quite often. He explicitly told the public his love for Viagra and he couldn’t imagine life without it. Well, at least he is an honest man. He also once mentioned that he had considered becoming a priest, but luckily he didn’t as he would be a homosexual. Needless to say, his offensive comment caused quite an outrage. Later on, he apologised for his words.



For those who do not know, an Australian missionary called Jacqueline Hamill was rape and murdered during a prison riot in Philippines, 1989. He showed a lack of humanity when he joked about the incident. He commented:

Duterte Comments on Rape

Later on, he claimed that it was not a joke but reflection of his anger.


Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte: Crazy or Genius?

Well, despite Duterte’s profanity and calls to violence, apparently he’s Philippine’s most popular and beloved leader in recent years. There has to be reasons for that. Most of us are fortunate enough to live in rather peaceful places. Perhaps, the people in Philippine are sick of living in cities with high crime rate and desperate times call for desperate measures. Perhaps, a ballsy leader is needed in times like this.

Nonetheless, there is nothing much all of us can do, but wish the country best of luck.